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Boulder CO – Part 2

Being that we go to Boulder to visit family we have a few traditions. One of them is that regardless of the time of the year (winter, summer etc.) we go to Dot’s Diner for a late breakfast and then on to Walden-Sawhill ponds to go bird watching and for a walk around the ponds.


We usually run into friends and acquaintances of my husband or father in law’s while we are there. We’ll have something to eat, several cups of coffee and spend our time hanging out writing a group poem with whomever happened to join us.

Once we had our fill of food and coffee it was off to Walden-Sawhill for a walk around the ponds.


I love going to Walden-Sawhill also because there are some pretty views for landscape photos. I think over the years I’ve likely amassed hundreds of close-up pictures of cattails and tree bark.

Because we came after “breakfast” we were there later in the day when the bird watching is not typically as good. I know hardcore birders don’t like having dogs along because they fear they will chase away the birds but CB and Kona are quiet and the birds that were there did not get scared off because of them.


We did see a Snowy Egret among the rare Canadian geese and ducks as well as some woodpeckers. I don’t know my birds well but my father in law is an expert birder and really good at identifying the birds we saw.

I really wish I had brought my telephoto lens along. I think I could have brought these guys in a bit closer. I think the Egret is one of the white lumps in the photo below.


This time of the year the ponds are also lovely for photographs with how tall and green the cattails are.



Even though there has been quite a bit of rain the weeks before we went to Boulder, the water level in the ponds was quite low. As low as I’ve seen it in years with severe drought in the Boulder Area. I think this made for some pretty dramatic photos, especially with the thunder clouds rolling in.

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