Kona aka Firesprite’s Dark N Bold CGN RA

Kona may look a little pissed off but he’s just irritated that I stopped his snow roll. Our sweet little coffee bean was meant to be a conformation dog but that is not to come. His front left leg was broken in the fall of 2011 as a 7 month old pup and while we were  hopeful that the leg will straighten out, there was irreparable damage to the growth plate near the wrist and his tibia and fibia have grown crooked.

Never the less, he’s a smart little dog and is showing a great aptitude for formal obedience and a big plus is that he’ll do a group stay. Whoohoo! Currently he is training for CKC Rally and is busy with physio and water treadmill sessions to rehabilitate his leg.

Kona has the following titles:

CKC Rally-O: Rally Novice (July 2012), Rally Advance (March 2013)

Kona passed the CKC Canine Good Neighbor Test in March 2013

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