CB aka Firesprite’s Crybaby AGN CGN RE ADC TBAD

CB is short for Crybaby which was the name given to him as a small puppy still with the breeder b/c he was a bit of a crier. We liked the name and find that it’s a bit of standout in the performance circle. He’s a well behaved little pom and was really busy when he was very young and as a consequence to that has probably had more training than any other little dog out there.

He has the following titles in

CKC Rally-O: Rally Novice (July 2011), Rally Advance (Feb 2012), and Rally Excellent (July 2013)

Canine Good Neighbor (March 11, 2012)

We are also currently training in Agility and have been competing in both CKC and AAC agility.

CB has the following Agility Titles

CKC: Agility Novice (November 2012)

AAC: Agility Dog of Canada (August 2013)

TDAA: Teacup Beginner Agility Dog (August 2013)

CB and I were the recipient of the calgary agility association’s judge Choice award for the Torvers Lakeland Memorial Trophy for the Starters Team Showing Outstanding Potential in 2013. How exciting!!

CB has 2 Q’s in CKC Novice Jumpers with Weaves, one Q in AAC Starters Snooker, 2 Q’s in Starters Jumpers, 4 Q’s Starters Standard, and 1 Q Starters Gamblers.

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