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Weekly Photo Challenge – My 2012 in Pictures

Here is my 2012 in pictures. For some of the months it was hard picking just one picture and there are a few favorites that have been seen before.
thanks for looking.

Jan2012 1

January – Butchart Gardens, it happened to snow that weekend.

Feb2012 1

Feb 2012 from a walk in Edworthy Park – one of my all time favorites

Mar2012 1

March – great seats at the Flames game

Apr2012 1

April – at the Coldplay concert


May – playing around with the telephoto lends


June brought CB’s first agility trials.


July – Ready for the 100th Stampede


August – CB taking a breather at the AKC trial.

Aug2012 3

August – a trip to Greece and some time at a Corinthian beach

Aug2012 1

August – Nemean wine country

Sept2012 2

September – Brettos in Athens and their colorful display

WPC Happy4

September – on the island of Paros Greece.

Sept2012 3

September – Kona dressed up for the walk to end breast cancer


October – Glenmorangie and Ardbeg Scotch tasting

Nov2012 1

November – the tallest tower in Calgary, The Bow is now open to the public

dec2012 1

December – Mother Mother in concert at the Jubilee


Weekly Photo Challenge – Changing Seasons

One picture just couldn’t show my interpretation of Changing Seasons. The Bow River valley shows the change in seasons not only in the color and amount of vegetation but also in the water levels of the river. High in Spring and Summer, low in fall and winter.





Weekly Photo Challenge – Green

Some memories of past summer trips. It’s currently anything but Green outside now that it’s winter.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Geometry

CB and Kona helped out with this weeks topic. We headed into downtown Calgary for some sit stays showcasing some of the city’s geometry. A bonus is that I find using different obstacles and objects for stays really works at reinforcing them and being in the busy part of the city adds a few distractions as well.

This last one is like the “Where’s Waldo” of stays. Can you see Kona is this one?

Weekly Photo Challenge – foreign

Orthodox Easter celebrations in Korinthos Greece, April 2009. Most of the city was congregated in the central square that Good Friday. It was an amazing sight and not one that would be seen here.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Silhouette

I actually attempted to take some silhouette photo’s of the pups but with how dark and cloudy the skies have been this past week I ended up with amorphous fuzzy blobs and some strange reflections off of the snow.

So I delved into my archive of photos and found this weeks photo. It’s of the pagoda roof at Ardbeg distillery, Islay, Scotland. Hope you enjoy.

Weekly Photo Challenge – BIG

This weeks photo isn’t just about Kona on a big rock. We were in Pearce Estate Park on the weekend which is just where you go to watch kayaks and river rafts going thru the Harvey Passage.


Before construction of the Harvey Passage the Weir was generally known as the washing machine because of how dangerous it was. It still is dangerous but for those with the skill – this place is a pretty big deal. It’s also appears to be a great place for kayaking lessons – which we happened to get a glimpse of.

Arial view of Harvey Passage from Calgary Parks Foundation website

Weekly Photo Challenge – Happy

This weeks photo theme is “Happy”. Here are some pictures of places and memories that make me happy, including a rare photo of me with the pups.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Mine

This weeks photo challenge of “mine” turned out to be trickier than I thought it would be at first.

What is “mine”? First realization is that I have too many things. And what of the pups point of view? I’m sure they have their own concept of “mine” at least when they fight over toys. So this photo is not as much “mine” as it is “ours”.

Here is the view from the hidden park near our home. We can see pieces of this everyday from our home and from the street during our comings and goings. It’s one of the reasons we wanted to move here in the first place.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

This weeks photo challenge topic of Solitary seemed like a good one to incorporate with one of our walks and good fit within a general dog/dog training theme. We always work on some skill when we’re out and about and we do tend to do a lot of stays since I can get some really nice portraits of the dogs when they are still. I’m able to put either in position someplace or on something and we’ve been slowly able to build up distance. I guess since I take a lot of pictures we get a lot of practice.

To capture this photo of CB required me to get very far back (I had my telephoto lens with me) and time my shots to capture him with no other passerby’s in view. He had to be patient for a few minutes until I was able to get my shot but my husband was 20 feet away just beyond the trees ready to replace CB in his stay if needed. Neither one of us was all that visible from the pathway and as this is a very busy area there were a few people curious about the little dog seemingly by itself.

I didn’t actually expect that anyone would take notice of CB but one woman walking by was very concerned when she saw him and started to look for the little dog’s owners. She had quite the look of surprise on her face as I came into view and then recalled CB to join me. A cruel trick? Perhaps. She did not know that the better half was out of view and the distance was mighty impressive at first look.