Black & White Sunday 12

B&W 12aCB and Kona enjoying the lovely view of Morraine Lake from the overlook trail near Lake Louise Ablerta in Banff National Park.

This post is part of the Black & White Sunday blog hop. To see who else has been busy or to join the blog hop, visit our hosts My Life In Blog Years or Dachshund Nola.

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10 responses to “Black & White Sunday 12

  1. Beautiful picture! I have a friend who is moving to northern Montana so we’re planning a trip to Banff for next year!

    • That’s awesome. There really is so much to do there and you’ll have a lot of time to plan.

      We really don’t go often enough considering the town of Banff is an hour from our door.

  2. Gorgeous view. The dogs look like they’re enjoying themselves as well.

  3. aww… love that area!! It’s so beautiful and you guys make it look majestic!!

  4. This photo is very dramatic in black and white (and those pups are SO cute) but super blue Lake Louise? i want to see this in color too!!

  5. What a gorgeous picture and pups! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. One of the pups look so perked up! You are too excited.

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