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Black & White Sunday – 8

His eyes, gleamed in the darkness, burned with a bright light
(Beowolf; lines 724-726)

B&W 8

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More Winter Tracking

Just about two weeks ago CB and I had our second winter tracking seminar with Donna Brinkworth. The goal of this session was to observe our dogs body language as they tracked on each of three L tracks, one of which was a blind track to us.

The first two tracks which I set, were a struggle for CB. It was windy and tracking was challenging for him that day. He had his head up a lot and I noticed when he’s not sure where to go he shows a classic stress signal – he shakes his whole body from head to toe. Even when he got back onto the scent at the corner he didn’t seem to believe it was the right way. I also noticed that he checks in with me when he’s not sure of the track and he will also walk back to me.


Then we did our blind track and it was CB’s first time following someone else’s scent. The tracklayer followed us just like what we would experience in a real test. When CB is confident of the track he keeps his head down, you can hear him sniffing and he doesn’t look at me at all, and that is exactly what he did. He nailed the corner and ignored the bait on the track so maybe I should start to use less. I’m pretty impressed with him and if there was any doubt in my mind that he is really tracking it is now gone.


It’s hard to tell from the photo below because I’m in the way, but CB’s head was down taking the corner just like it is in the photo above. It was so windy the cone marking the location of the turn (but not the direction of the turn) had blown away so this was really blind to me.


What we really do need to work on it article indication. We currently don’t have one and CB could care less about the article. Here he is going in for the bait, the article just happens to be in the way.


Donna had a great idea for me to build up some interest in the article. Instead of bait I will be putting one of CB’s favorite chewys inside the glove, that should be a little more exciting for him when we get to the article. I’ll be giving that a try and see how it goes.

*All the photos in this post were taken by Donna Brinkworth. Check out Your Tracking Coach on Facebook for more tracking info*



This past weekend CB and I attended the Calgary Agility Associations February Trial and this was our most successful trial to date and our first one of 2013. I entered CB in 7 events and we received Qualifying scores in 4 events; 2 Jumpers, 1 Gamblers and 1 Standard. What a difference a couple months of training makes.


The Calgary Agility Association holds their indoor trials at the Al Azhar Shriners Fez Dome and I just love this location. The surface is hard packed sand which is much easier for CB to run fast on than the mixed shavings/dirt of other local arena’s. It’s also bright, the club is fabulous and runs a really fun trial.


I went into the weekend with the goal of Qualifying in one round of something. CB has been running faster in practice but I didn’t expect how fast he’d be with courses that were a little more open. He was crazy fast. His last Jumpers run was just jumps and tunnels and he was more than 20 seconds under standard course time. I calculated his speed at 4.8 yards per second which is incredible for a toy dog, especially considering that his speed was just under 2 yards per second last year on a similar Jumpers course that was only jumps and tunnels. Shocking.


How about that, CB faster than the GSD, almost as fast as the sheltie.

Places where we can still improve our times are the teeter, the chute and weaves. CB spends between 5 and 10 seconds in the chute and it’s our biggest time suck but with how he was running this weekend we were able to make up the time on the jumps and tunnels and managed to Q in Standard. I’m just so thrilled with how CB is doing and the best thing is that he is having a great time. There was also no sniffing at this trial and we were even tracking last weekend.

The most exciting thing that happened this weekend was not the Q’s. The Calgary Agility Association gives out a trophy to the Starters Team showing Oustanding Potential at their annual spring trial and the recipient was selected by the judge, Brenda Juskow and not the Club. The award is in honor of Rumba who was owned by Graham and Lahni Thompson. I’m just stunned to say that CB and I were selected as the recipient. I think being selected for this is the biggest indication of how much we have improved as a team.


Our next trial is in two weeks. We’re heading up to Morinville Alberta for a CKC trial. It’s a three hour drive to get there and it’s with another great club – the Fort Saskatchewan Agility Association. The Sturgeon Agriplex has a similar sand surface to the Fez dome and our last trial there went quite well. It seems CB and I are just hitting our stride so I’m really looking forward to the next one.


It’s Valentine’s day and CB and Kona hope you have someone soft and loving to cuddle with today. I know I do.


Our experience with Dog-Dog Greetings

I meant to do this post on our experience with Dog-Dog Greetings a few months ago. This was a smaller seminar that was part of the 10 week lifestyles training class we did with Kona last fall. It was good to do this with Kona as we had confined him for several months while recovering from the plate being removed from his leg, and he’s been really hesitant around unfamiliar dogs regardless of size. Since we do go to dog shows where there are lots of other dogs we have been working on his confidence.


First off I would like to mention that I am sharing a part of our experience with dog-dog greetings. Please note that we had a trainer available to guide us through this, to observe and ensure that we had positive greetings. If you are reading this post and your dog is reactive please contact a trainer/behaviorist for help with your dog. Kona does lack confidence around unfamiliar dogs and we feel that it is important to build that confidence but in an appropriate way. I am not a behaviorist and there is not enough information in this post to guide someone through a proper greeting. Inappropriately matched or executed greetings can go sideways and result in hurt dogs or people.

We had learned at a prior canine communication seminar that a proper dog greeting should go from the muzzle, to the neck and then to the rear. To be able to execute this we needed to make sure we kept the dog’s leashes nice and loose and to keep the greetings as short as they needed to be so that they were positive experiences.

Not all the dogs were appropriate for Kona to greet. We looked for lower energy dogs and we had two types of positive greetings. Ones where Kona was relaxed and in neutral body position near the other dog, generally in cases where the other dog was considerably larger than him.


And with smaller dogs we had some great greetings with good progression from the muzzle onward. The photos were good to look at afterward in that we were able to see that we had the leash too tight on more greetings that we realized. Something that we need to keep in mind for future greetings to be successful.

Even though you can’t see either dog’s faces in the photo below, both dogs have a nice curved body position and this was a really nice calm greeting that we let go on for a couple of minutes.


CB and Kona do greet larger dogs on occasion as we don’t want them barking or reacting to larger dogs when we are on walks or at shows. We do not let them play with dogs that are inappropriately sized to them. As friendly and nice as a bigger dog may be, a larger dog even stepping on a dog CB and Kona’s size can cause an injury.

Black & White Sunday – 7

I have never properly introduced Miss Peetoo. She is a friend’s pom but she spends quite a bit of time hanging out with CB and Kona and they are great friends.

B&W 7

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