Have you made any resolutions for the New Year? I haven’t and I generally don’t. I was thinking that I might like to participate in a challenge and was a little tempted by a couple.

daizylexi solo

Lexi and Daizy getting a little breather so I could take a photo for their owners.

The first challenge I considered is Jessica’s from You Did What With Your Wiener. She is doing a 30/30 challenge to walk 30 minutes a day for 30 days starting Jan 1. I thought about it but then figured it would be cheating a little since CB and Kona get a 1 hour walk nearly every day and that I also hit the gym/studio for cardio, yoga and pilates classes 4 times a week.

Today for example I did two 35 minute walks, I split the dogs up into two groups so that I could go faster with a smaller group of dogs. I generally walk a pace of 5km/hour and find it a little tricky to keep that pace up with 5 dogs by myself and keep everyone on the safe side of the street (away from traffic). Lexi and Daizy were my first victims and they did 2.88km with me. I love my walktracker app, I just wish I didn’t forget to turn it off when the walk is done most times.


I found out from Something Wagging this way Comes that January is Dog Training month and that I could participate in a 30 day dog training challenge. Again since CB and Kona trial it would be silly to not to keep up with training, plus we do classes each week and I work on some skill each day even if it’s just for a couple of minutes.

So pretty quickly I lost my resolve to make a new resolution for something. But I do realize that there is something that I’ve not kept up as well as I should. I do a good job of doing Kona’s leg stretches and the mobility at the elbow of the leg he broke has improved over 100 degrees. But that is all that I’ve done. I haven’t kept up the other exercises and I haven’t been keeping up with CB’s conditioning exercises as I should.  So perhaps instead of making a resolution I promise that I will spend the 5mins that each of them need 3 times / week to make sure they stay safe and healthy so that I can play with them in the ring.


2 responses to “Resolutions

  1. It’s awesome that you already get out for long, regular walks. Even though you are not participating, I really appreciate the shout out.

    • I really think your challenge is a great idea and I nearly signed up, especially since the goal is regular exercise. I know that getting out when the weather is terrible can be challenging so I hope you have some sunny days this month.

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