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Weekly Photo Challenge – My 2012 in Pictures

Here is my 2012 in pictures. For some of the months it was hard picking just one picture and there are a few favorites that have been seen before.
thanks for looking.

Jan2012 1

January – Butchart Gardens, it happened to snow that weekend.

Feb2012 1

Feb 2012 from a walk in Edworthy Park – one of my all time favorites

Mar2012 1

March – great seats at the Flames game

Apr2012 1

April – at the Coldplay concert


May – playing around with the telephoto lends


June brought CB’s first agility trials.


July – Ready for the 100th Stampede


August – CB taking a breather at the AKC trial.

Aug2012 3

August – a trip to Greece and some time at a Corinthian beach

Aug2012 1

August – Nemean wine country

Sept2012 2

September – Brettos in Athens and their colorful display

WPC Happy4

September – on the island of Paros Greece.

Sept2012 3

September – Kona dressed up for the walk to end breast cancer


October – Glenmorangie and Ardbeg Scotch tasting

Nov2012 1

November – the tallest tower in Calgary, The Bow is now open to the public

dec2012 1

December – Mother Mother in concert at the Jubilee


Have you made any resolutions for the New Year? I haven’t and I generally don’t. I was thinking that I might like to participate in a challenge and was a little tempted by a couple.

daizylexi solo

Lexi and Daizy getting a little breather so I could take a photo for their owners.

The first challenge I considered is Jessica’s from You Did What With Your Wiener. She is doing a 30/30 challenge to walk 30 minutes a day for 30 days starting Jan 1. I thought about it but then figured it would be cheating a little since CB and Kona get a 1 hour walk nearly every day and that I also hit the gym/studio for cardio, yoga and pilates classes 4 times a week.

Today for example I did two 35 minute walks, I split the dogs up into two groups so that I could go faster with a smaller group of dogs. I generally walk a pace of 5km/hour and find it a little tricky to keep that pace up with 5 dogs by myself and keep everyone on the safe side of the street (away from traffic). Lexi and Daizy were my first victims and they did 2.88km with me. I love my walktracker app, I just wish I didn’t forget to turn it off when the walk is done most times.


I found out from Something Wagging this way Comes that January is Dog Training month and that I could participate in a 30 day dog training challenge. Again since CB and Kona trial it would be silly to not to keep up with training, plus we do classes each week and I work on some skill each day even if it’s just for a couple of minutes.

So pretty quickly I lost my resolve to make a new resolution for something. But I do realize that there is something that I’ve not kept up as well as I should. I do a good job of doing Kona’s leg stretches and the mobility at the elbow of the leg he broke has improved over 100 degrees. But that is all that I’ve done. I haven’t kept up the other exercises and I haven’t been keeping up with CB’s conditioning exercises as I should.  So perhaps instead of making a resolution I promise that I will spend the 5mins that each of them need 3 times / week to make sure they stay safe and healthy so that I can play with them in the ring.

And so it begins….

The first day of 2013 was just beautiful. We were away visiting family for Christmas and are back home and to our regular schedule, sort of. We are pom-sitting our friends dogs this week and started off the year with a nice walk in our favorite spot.

NewYear 2013

Farewell 2012 – it was swell.

Looking back at 2012 I’m pretty happy where things ended up.

2012 was my first year blogging and I would be remiss in not thanking the readers that come by to check out my little blog. It’s great to know that there is an audience out there and that I’m not just writing to myself.

As it turned out my most popular post of 2012 was on CB’s first time tracking titled and now for something COMPLETELY different, serpentines of another kind and my most commented post was Black & White Sunday – 5. I’ve enjoyed the blog hops and photo challenges and I have some plans for new year, but I’m going to keep those as a surprise for now.

CB, Kona and I wish all of you a great 2013. Thanks for stopping by.