Winter Tracking Season


photo credit – Donna Brinkworth

CB’s most favorite reward is to go Tracking and it’s been far too long since we’ve had a chance to get out. When Donna emailed that she was going to be running a winter tracking series of lessons here in Calgary I jumped at the chance to get CB out for a little more work.

Last weekends lesson was on starts. We did scent pads with a short straight track. Part of the lesson was working on how we were going to begin the track if we were in a test situation. One thing I’m working on with CB is to track on the command “Find It” and not letting him track until we are at the scent pad. To be able to do that we are approaching the scent pad from the side.


photo credit – Donna Brinkworth

It warmed up nicely on Sunday but it was quite cold in the morning while we had our lesson. A couple things that Donna mentioned was with newer tracking dogs you don’t want to be out when it’s too cold as the snow doesn’t hold the scent as well and not to age tracks too long. You can find more information for tracking in the winter on her old blog – you can check it out here.

Well you wouldn’t have known from how keen CB was that it was any harder for him than in warmer weather and on grass. We even crossed a rabbit track and he was so focused on following my track he didn’t even notice. The neat thing about tracking in snow is that you can see your track and CB put his nose in every footprint. Even when we reached the article he still kept on going and followed my path out.  The next lesson is early next month, until then we have a bit of homework to work on.


photo credit – Donna Brinkworth


photo credit – Donna Brinkworth


5 responses to “Winter Tracking Season

  1. You certainly look a little fluffy version of a hound dog smelling for rabbit tracks. We are so jealous of your snow! Was looking forward to Kirby seeing his first snow, but not yet…and we live in Canada!

  2. I’m not sure how Lyric would feel about tracking in snow! But if there was enough food then maybe…

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