Jumpingpound West Loop

Early in November we joined a group of friends to go and hike Jumpingpound Loop Trail with our dogs. We did the west arm which is approximately 5km in length (the full loop is about 9km) and we took Kona along with us.


Jumpingpound Loop Trail is part of the Sibbald Recreational Area and can be accessed by driving west on the Trans-Canada highway and exiting onto Highway 68 (Sibbald Creek Trail). The trail can be accessed from the Pine Grove Day Use Area – the gate was closed for the season so we parked on the road and hiked in to access the trail.


Map of Sibbald Creek recreational area from http://www.albertaparks.ca

As is typical of this time of the year the trail conditions were quite icy from an early snowfall followed by some milder weather and a freeze. The hike took us a little bit longer than usual for this length of hike due to how icy the conditions were, just under an hour and a half. There is a great view of Moose Mountain from the trail and it’s a relatively easy hike despite the conditions that day.



This trail is popular with hikers all year and mountain bikers in non-snow conditions. Either the full or partial loop would be a nice snowshoe on days where there was enough snowfall. Just a reminder – bear encounters are still possible this time of year so you should be prepared, especially if you are with a smaller group. We found the trail really slippery, even with good winter hiking boots I would recommend making sure you have good traction system on your shoes or thrown in your pack just in case. Seeing one of our friends slip and fall on their dog got us off our rear and we each bought a pair of ICEtrekkers the next day. A fall on a dog as small as a pom could be deadly, we’re lucky it wasn’t us.

Here are a few more photos from our hike on Jumpingpound Loop.







One response to “Jumpingpound West Loop

  1. Well it is great ot find other small dogs that like to hike! We love it. Also hello from a fellow Canadian (Ontario)/

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