Fort Saskatchewan Agility Trial

This past weekend we went up to Cardiff Alberta for the Fort Saskatchewan and Area Canine Association CKC Agility Trial. There is only one CKC agility trial in Calgary each year that to trial in CKC we have to travel. I like CKC agility trials and they’ve been a good venue for us since they are generally smaller trials and the Novice runs have been great for confidence building.

This trial was really well organized and my husband and I had a lot of fun. I had CB entered in a total of 4 Novice Standard runs and 3 Novice Jumpers with Weaves. On Saturday we did 2 jumpers with weaves in the morning and 2 standard in the afternoon. CB ran really well overall but he still has a little bit of FWPA – foreign weave pole aversion. We had a few bobbles here and there but otherwise he ran the quickest he has in a trial to date. We also got our third Q in Novice Standard, a clean run at 11 seconds over time, but a Q nonetheless. And CB has a new title – Agility Novice (AGN)- Yay CB!

Sunday we moved up to Intermediate Standard for two runs and did one Novice Jumpers run. My husband ran CB in his first Intermediate run of the day and there was some good speed but a refusal at the weaves. From there we went downhill. We had a lot of trouble with the weaves over the weekend and in Intermediate a fault on the weaves is an NQ. Both standard runs had 12 weaves and I’ve been seeing that a lot in trials lately, even at AAC starters level. We didn’t Q anything Sunday but it was still fun and I’m thrilled with not only how much improvement we’ve had but how much faster CB is running.

We still loose too much time in the weaves and I need to spend more time training with 12 poles. He does great on our 6 and the weaves where we train but he tends to sniff new poles the first time he sees them. We are also still too slow on the teeter but we have picked up a couple seconds on the chute now. The good thing with trialing is that it gives me a chance to really see where our gaps are and what I need to work on more. Our next opportunity for a CKC trial is in March back up in Cardiff – until then we’ll be working on those 12 pole weaves and entering a few AAC trials in the new year.


2 responses to “Fort Saskatchewan Agility Trial

  1. Congrats on the new title! Have you considered entering in the Select or Veterans class with your guy? You can choose a lower jump height and are allowed a bit more time…I dropped Bear right into vets this year…

  2. Thanks so much! Select class could definitely be an option for him. He’s already in specials at 6inch jumps for AAC and only at 8inch for CKC, Select class would take him down to 4inch. He runs fast enough to make standard course time but I can’t seem to get that fast clean run yet. But I feel we’re almost there.

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