Tracking Lesson #5

Lucky CB had two weekends in a row of tracking. Just over a week ago we were out and did Lesson 5 (1.5) from Sil Sander’s Enthusiastic Tracking book which we have been slowly working through. Hopefully it wasn’t the last nice weekend – the weather the last few days has been more like this.

A few weeks ago I kind of screwed up Tracking Lesson 4 and jumped ahead in the book by mistake. It was interesting going back to tracks with more bait and no aging.

CB with his nose to the ground following the track.

I set three tracks ranging in length from 30, 60 and 120m, tracks were to be straight and bait at 10m intervals. A couple of things that were interesting – CB  was casting across the track which he didn’t do with Lesson 4 and for several of the food drops he over shot them, came back and then kept going forward. I also took a chance and put in a corner on the third track. The corner was out of necessity as I ran out of park and decided to make a corner instead of cutting the track short. He nailed the turn so I really need to think about what we should be doing next.

Because we have a few agility trials in the next month CB will be on tracking hiatus until mid-November so I don’t confuse him on when he can and can’t track. Not tracking two weeks before a trial seems to be the right amount of time. He really loves doing this and it’s been a great reward for him.


One response to “Tracking Lesson #5

  1. Yay-more performance poms!

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