Black & White Sunday – 3

This weeks photo for Black & White Sunday was taken outside Wet Creek Stables after a mini Agility Trial last month. CB was entered in a Starters Jumpers run; the run was clean but we were 2 seconds over time. Jumpers seems to be the hardest for us to Q but we’re slowly but surely getting there.

To see who else has been busy or to join check out You Did What With Your Wiener, My Life In Blog Years and, Dachshund Nola.


6 responses to “Black & White Sunday – 3

  1. We just started small dog agility and love it! Beautiful photo.

  2. Got my Imoji back! 🐨🐯🐸🐱🐶🐹🐰🐺👻

    Sent from Christopher’s iPhone

  3. Hi there, cutie! We are still catching up on our blog hopping from yesterday and we love your photo!

  4. awww, such a little doll! The world looks so big in contrast to his little body

  5. Little dog. Big attitude. 🙂
    I love this picture. Just goes to show you a Pom can look good on a farm. I hope you did well on your runs!

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