Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park

Last weekend we grabbed the pom crew and checked out Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park. It’s one of the newest Provincial Parks and it’s quick to get to taking the 1A out of Calgary toward Cochrane. It still is a working ranch and I was really hoping to see some cows but we had no luck with that.

We also had some pom visitors (Daizy and Lexi) for the night and thought this would be a good way to get everyone good and tired. We did part of Yodel loop and then tied in to the paved pathway to see some of the old buildings from when the town of Glenbow was in this valley.

The views of the valley were quite moody with the clouds. In all we walked 5km and had about 400m of elevation gain, which I found surprising to discover since it didn’t look like there was that much incline while we were walking. Daizy and Lexi were pretty zonked after this, they don’t get out to do as much hiking as CB and Kona do.

We spent about 2 hours here as we took plenty of stops for photographs. I used my kit lens and since it was overcast my photos did turn out quite dark. My attempt to photograph the crew was a major fail as I just couldn’t get in enough light quick enough for the poms to not be blurry. There’s also some weird spot on my lens that I just can’t clean off. It’s not in the camera as it doesn’t show up in photos taken with my telephoto or the lens I rented a couple weeks ago. I hate to admit it but my husbands iPhone took a better photo. I’ve attached both photos for comparison. I guess it’s time to get serious about a new lens.


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