Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

This weeks photo challenge topic of Solitary seemed like a good one to incorporate with one of our walks and good fit within a general dog/dog training theme. We always work on some skill when we’re out and about and we do tend to do a lot of stays since I can get some really nice portraits of the dogs when they are still. I’m able to put either in position someplace or on something and we’ve been slowly able to build up distance. I guess since I take a lot of pictures we get a lot of practice.

To capture this photo of CB required me to get very far back (I had my telephoto lens with me) and time my shots to capture him with no other passerby’s in view. He had to be patient for a few minutes until I was able to get my shot but my husband was 20 feet away just beyond the trees ready to replace CB in his stay if needed. Neither one of us was all that visible from the pathway and as this is a very busy area there were a few people curious about the little dog seemingly by itself.

I didn’t actually expect that anyone would take notice of CB but one woman walking by was very concerned when she saw him and started to look for the little dog’s owners. She had quite the look of surprise on her face as I came into view and then recalled CB to join me. A cruel trick? Perhaps. She did not know that the better half was out of view and the distance was mighty impressive at first look.


One response to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

  1. Until the new WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge comes out, maybe you’d like to join in the Weekly Travel Theme http://wheresmybackpack.com/2012/09/28/travel-theme-foliage/ xxx Ailsa

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