Tracking Lesson 3

It was raining last Sunday when I took CB out for his third tracking lesson, so unfortunately I have no pictures. And since I don’t have photos this picture of CB as a puppy will just have to do. Imagine this cute little thing at work 🙂

CB dreaming of hotdogs

First off – it was quite different tracking in the rain. I don’t know if the smells would be different because of the rain or if it was because we were on well manicured grass. We did three tracks of differing lengths, all un-aged and the food drops were further apart on the last two. First off, CB was going bananas watching me lay the track. I actually thought if he got loose he might run to the scent pad to chow on the hot dog I’m using but he just wanted to get to me so we could start asap.

He had longer sections of “straight” tracks this time (straight for me meaning that he wasn’t veering off the track and stayed tight to it), I think it was because the food wasn’t as close together but I did notice him air scenting a little bit. He hasn’t done that before. I am finding it challenging trying to find places with enough room now for these longer tracks. Eek.

Tomorrow we have the Paws N Effect agility trial – I’m hoping that goes well and it looks like we’re going to have another nice and warm weekend.


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