Tracking Lesson 2

I found it! Now what?

CB and I went tracking on Sunday but I’m only getting a chance to blog about it now. We did Lesson 1.1.2 from the Enthusiastic Tracking book. We went to Edworthy park at 8am in the morning to avoid picnickers and the heat. Conditions were a mild 14 C, the grass was damp and the wind was calm out of the west. The park was quiet. We did 3 tracks, none were aged, food drops were at regular intervals.

CB was very excited to approach the scent pads. He seemed interested in following the tracks and I could hear him sniffing on all three. As we approached the food drops he would veer off the track and then circle around the food. I’m wondering if this is because I lingered in those spots while dropping the food. On the last track he noticed the article (leather glove) approximately 4m away from it and went straight to it. He doesn’t quite get what the point of the article is other than it has food on it. I peeked ahead a little in the book and pretty soon I’m going to have to decide how I want him to indicate the article.

Also, tomorrow is the start of the Evelyn Kenny Kennel dog show. I have CB entered in Rally Excellent and Kona in Rally Novice. I’ll be thrilled if CB get’s the two remaining Q’s he need for his Rally Excellent title; he’s as ready as can be but I’ll be happy if he’s focused and not sniffing regardless of what happens. I’m pretty happy about where Kona is for Novice – I’ve been working on the Advanced exercises with him and hopefully I haven’t confused him for Novice. Whatever happens it will be fun, these two are characters to say the least.

Now I just need to find someplace to take CB that’s quieter on Sunday for tracking Lesson 3 once we’re done at the trial. Since the tracks are getting longer Edworthy park will just not have the space. I’m sure I’ll figure out someplace if I think about it long enough.


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