Another Agility Trial – Results!

This past weekend CB was entered in the CAA (Calgary Agility Association) trial. This was our second agility trial but our first AAC trial. We were entered in one Standard run and one Snooker run. Yes my first AAC trial and I enter Snooker. What was I thinking. Jumpers was the first run of the day and watching the other dogs run made me really regret that I didn’t enter Jumpers instead. Then I looked at the course map for Snooker and I was having a hard time coming up with a path that would give us a chance for a qualifying score without having run over too long of a distance. I really wished I entered Jumpers.

The day started off quite nice and sunny and it got quite warm in our tent. Maybe a little too warm as there was no breeze. Our first run was Starters Standard and I think the heat really slowed CB down even though I had a cool coat on him. I need to figure out someway to keep him cooler or I’ll be the only one wishing for cool weather forecasts at outdoor trials. He was slower than usual on the course and was a little sniffy, when we got to the table that was the end of our run. He was about to down but then noticed the better half taking video — stuck out his tongue and then decided he needed to go say hello. It’s kind of funny, now. It wasn’t then.

By the time Snooker came around the weather turned a little ugly. The winds picked up and it started to rain a little. Peoples tents were blown around and some folks started to pack up as the sky’s looked really bad; our too hot camping tent was just fine and finally comfortable and because it was so windy they had to switch out the chute for a tunnel. All things that worked in our favor as the weather cooled so CB was no longer too warm and tunnels really work him up so the sooner they are on a course the faster he is after that. In the end we got a score of 39 and his first Starters Snooker Q. How about that.

We’ve hopefully got a few more opportunities to play as the summer goes along. I’ve sent in entries to the Lethbridge trial in July and the AKC trial in August (both CKC) and there is another trial in mid-July (AAC) that opens up on Friday and I’ll be entering something for that. Not sure what yet, I think I need to be a little strategic so I don’t overheat the little guy.


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