First Agility Trial – NACA Results

All set up and ready to go!

This agility game isn’t easy but it sure is fun. I have to admit it is so much harder to Q than I thought it was going to be. I didn’t expect we’d come home with 4 out of 4 Q’s I just didn’t think it would be so tricky. Even though you can Q at CKC agility without a clean run I don’t think I saw any Qualifying runs that were not clean.

For our first trial we did very well. With the exception of our first run where CB was distracted at the start by a little piece of Styrofoam that was stuck against the weave pole base he was perfect. CB is so sensitive to my positioning and body language, and I learned just how much so this weekend. I entered 2 Standard Novice runs and 2 Jumpers with Weave Novice runs. In the end we got one Q in Novice Standard, and an “almost Q” in two runs. Each run got progressively better and our last run which was the slowest was our only Q of the weekend.

First Q!

CB was a little slower this afternoon that usual – I think I let him get a bit too hot. I thought keeping him in the tent in the shade he’d stay pretty comfortable but I regret not putting his cool coat on earlier. It wasn’t that hot out today (20C) so I’m definitely going to have to be more proactive on this for our next trial. Although we were not lightning fast, slow turned out to work in our favor as we didn’t blow any contacts and finished clean. CB was also First in Class!

The goods!

It was a gorgeous day and I think CB had fun as well. These are a couple of my favorite pics from our qualifying run. I just love the picture of him going thru the Tire, I think he looks so happy. What a cutey!

What I find most interesting is how much more I learned from the runs we didn’t Q than the run that we did. It was great to come home with a ribbon but we did better in the runs we missed than we did in this one overall.

Our best and most exciting run of the weekend was our Jumpers with Weaves today. CB was perfect! I was completely unprepared for how much speed he was going to pick up towards the end of the course. CB was a rocket going through the tunnels and progressively picked up more speed with each one. I had to boogy to get in front of him on the third tunnel and I ended up on the left of jump 13 and I didn’t indicate jump 14 well, I took my eye off him and and CB blew past it. I’ve seen him this fast in our yard playing but have never got this kind of speed on a course – I really can’t take my eye off him. It was a great run though and so many people came up to me after at it and commented on how fast he was. A couple people said they have never seen a little dog go this fast before. Way to go CB!

Our Standard run yesterday afternoon was also quite fast. CB was perfect to the end and did everything as I asked. I got too excited about how well we were doing that I got too far ahead of CB on the A-frame (2nd last obstacle) and he jumped the contact. Crud. I learned that I need to make sure that I don’t get too far ahead of him on the dog walk and the A-frame and cause him to miss his contact. All good pieces of information that helped make that last run clean.

another “Almost” run – as Maxwell Smart would say “missed it by that much”

I had a great time this weekend and it was fun seeing familiar faces and meeting new people. What a great experience and I’m so looking forward to the next one!


6 responses to “First Agility Trial – NACA Results

  1. Congrats on surviving your first trial and first agility Q! Agility is addicitive! I wish we had more CKC trials around here I find the courses a little less confusing and more spread out than AAC.

    • Thanks Ayoka! It’s so addictive, I’m already looking to enter the next one! There’s one CKC in Calgary in August and another coming up in Lethbridge in July that’s not too far away. Looks like summer will be busy 🙂

  2. dbspiritdance

    Way to go Fotina and CB! He is an amazing boy! And because he is with you, he can shine, and show everyone what he is capable of doing.

  3. Nicely done, and sounds like a great first trial! I hope to run with you and CB someday, keep it up!

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