Dog Day Fundraiser

I’ll be the first to admit that I love photo fundraisers; they are a great way to get pet photo’s and support a local charity. We’ve been to several and have some cute photo’s with Santa and in Cowboy hats for Stampede.

I’d say the best photo’s we have though are from last year, when we took CB to a fundraiser at a local dog daycare (we didn’t have Kona yet) and the photographer (Sean Phillips of Riverwood photography) took some really great pictures in support of Oops-a-Dazy rescue. I was really hoping that Sean would schedule another fundraiser this year so we could get some equally nice photo’s of Kona taken. I’ve lamented on a few occasions how hard he is for me to photograph.

While CB and I were out at the tracking seminar with Donna Brinkworth in mid-April, the dear husband took Kona to the photo shoot, this year in support of PALS. Apparently Kona was totally working the camera and posing a la Zoolander. The outcome was some pretty cute photos. This year Sean also had a new product available – metal prints – they are so cool, and since he had also taken CB’s photo’s last year we ordered a metal print for each pup. They arrived the other day and we couldn’t be happier with how they look.

Kona’s is a little hard to photograph (ironically just like he is) as it is so dark it’s reflective – but I think you can get the idea of what it looks like. And am I not right – his look is definitely Magnum from Zoolander!


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