Pet Expo Fun

It’s been a crazy week. From last weekends Pet Expo to this weekend with an agility seminar and all kinds of things in between.

The Pet Expo was mostly what I expected it to be (rescues and dog food/treat reps) and things that I didn’t (reptile and Earthdog displays). There were some great vendors of items that I’d not ever seen anywhere else and some of the usual show suspects so I was able to get Kona a larger version of the collar I bought him last year that barely fits him anymore.

I was really looking forward to getting some use out of my new lens at dock dogs but I didn’t realize that my back-up camera battery was dead and when the battery I had in my camera died on my first shot I was pretty much SOL. That’s okay though – the hubby took some pictures with his camera which is good in natural light but so-so indoors.

The dock dogs was pretty interesting and was open to all dogs. We mostly caught first-timers and it was interesting how few dogs were actually interested in jumping into the water. The folks with Dock Dogs were great and really wanted the newbies to have a good experience especially when the dogs did not want to jump.

In terms of vendors the one that really caught our eye was the Buddy Rider. Last summer I spent piles of time looking for a bike basket or something else I could put on my bike for pup transportation. I was disappointed to find out that pretty much every on the market was  handlebar mounted and most of the designs out there sucked. The Buddy Rider is different as it’s mounted between the seat post and handlebar stem and is meant to transport dogs up to 30 pounds.  We didn’t get one at the show because my frame is uber small and we had to measure it to make sure it would fit my bike – you need 19inches of space to use this. I do have a bike basket that is okay to use Kona in, and even though CB is only 7 pounds his weight impacts my bike handling as the basket I have is handlebar mounted. The one I have has a stiff bottom but others I saw online didn’t and most reviewers complained of the basket resting on the front tire. The buddy rider doesn’t have these issues as it is mounted above the top tube. It’s not as pretty as some of the baskets I’ve seen but otherwise I think it is a better option for those who want to travel by bike and bring their small or toy dog along for the ride.

The other display that was really fascinating was on earthdog activities. So cool – as I understood it, it is tracking underground to find various “vermin” and it’s competitive through the CKC for Dachshunds (mini and standard sized) and terrier breeds – except Yorkies because they are 1- in the toy dog group and 2- even though they are considered terriers, it doesn’t seem they were used to rat underground from what I read on Wiki. The display and the ladies explaining Earthdog were so interesting that we forgot to take pictures, but there is more info on earthdog here. If I had a mini-dachsy or a terrier I would so be doing this!

Other than that this week has been full of agility training as we have 20 days of training left before CB debuts at his first Agility trial.


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