Agility Update

Time for a nap

It’s been just over a month since CB and I attended the Kathy Keats Seminar — we’ve been going to weekly classes with Shannen since Mid-Januaru, and there has been a lot of improvement, for both us in that time.

My handling has really improved. Some classes it doesn’t seem that way because Shannen makes these really hard and challenging courses for us and last nights was a doozy. CB has also picked up speed which has made keeping my eye on him and paying attention to where I’m going harder. I’ve also noticed a few times that I stop and watch him — he’s digging in to run through tunnels and over the A-frame – It’s just so neat to watch him running. This little dog never ceases to amaze me – he’s so cool. He’s also starting to like some obstacles he didn’t before — the chute has really been a challenge — and he’s starting to go into it on his own. He’s still slow going through but I no longer have to hold it open.

Back in mid-January when we ran a course, CB would be right beside me like  Velcro, and now he’s looking around and I have to be quick and certain in my handling (which I’m not because I’m too busy watching him) or he’ll take off on me and take the closest obstacle and with last night’s course being quite tricky – well, there were a lot of booby traps on the course and it was hard keeping him with me. But we have done a couple of easier courses and they were much smoother for both of us. We still need more work with the chute and to smooth up his weaves a little bit but we’re ready to start trialing and with that in mind, I entered a trial thats in June so CB and I have a month to get ready.


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