April Showers

Turned into snow showers. At least CB and Kona don’t seem to mind. They both got a good case of the zoomies.

It starts out all nice and calm

And then quickly digresses into full on bitey face and a game of chase.

I never really seem to get good pictures of Kona, and when there’s snow on the ground I have an even harder time. Portraits are not my specialty – I mostly like to take close-ups and landscapes. The pups just move around too much – CB’s not so hard to capture but Kona is hard unless he’s looking at the camera. My manual Canon seems to do a pretty good job but I didn’t want to get it wet. I’m going to have to pull out my Scott Kelby books and see if I can find some help there. Maybe it’s time I thought about getting a new automatic camera for days like this. I’m kind of intrigued by the Nikon 1 but not sure if I really need it since I really like my Canon SLR. It’s snowing so heavily that 5 minutes later you couldn’t see any trace of them in the yard. Or of the deer that pop over my fence to ruin my grass. Jerks.

With the weather all blah like this it sort of ate into my training plans. It’s not quite so fun to be outside practicing sit-stays and jump drills when it’s snowing like this. At least I can think about the things that I need to work on and CB and Kona don’t mind the day off. At least it doesn’t look like CB does.


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