Choir Boy

Kona in a choir-robe or some kind of UFO

Usually I post a Wordless Wednesday but it’s been a while since I’ve updated on Kona since he’s been recovering from his surgery and I find this “bonnet” funny beyond words. The one thing Kona definitely isn’t is a little angel – although for as naughty as he can be (really it’s just barking t00 much), he is so sweet, friendly and cuddly. He’ll let anyone pet him and has no issues with strangers. This whole business with his leg has been an ordeal and he’s not too happy being confined even though it’s for his own good. Now that he’s splint/cast free he’s been going to town licking his leg at any opportunity he has. It’s almost like he’s trying to get re-acquainted with himself. So sadly we’ve had to resort to this little costume to keep from overdoing it and leaving the incision alone.

I like this soft-cone a lot. It totally stops access to his leg but still lets him get to his water and food dishes. I can also see some other uses as Halloween costumes. The first thing that came to mind was attaching felt flower petals to it and using it as a “black-eyed Susan” costume. An angel would also work well, I’d just need to make a hat-halo. You could also dress up more than one dog and make a theme out of it. Any one else have costume ideas for the soft cone?

Overall it seems that he’s doing alright other than being under-exercised. His leg is still turning out at the pastern even though the leg is pretty straight at the point of fracture. It’s not so noticeable when he’s standing but is really accentuated when he’s sitting as in the above photo. Don’t know if physio can do anything for it but we’re giving it a try and we’ll be starting on the water treadmill in the next few weeks.


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