Sure doesn’t feel like it. The last few days have been chilly – far from the summer like weather that the rest of the country has been experiencing for March. But even when the wind picks up it’s all good with a hot beverage so we planned our walk today to conveniently stop for a hot tea before dropping into the Elbow River Valley from the Britannia slopes.

This was the first real walk we’ve taken Kona on that he hasn’t been carried. I’m really happy with how his leg is faring in the tensor he has now. It’s flexible but supportive at the same time. Unfortunately he’s regressed to a few bad habits from being confined again (ahem barking) he was actually pretty quiet on this walk.

We’ve been working on CB’s sit-stays to get ready for Red Deer’s Rally trials. I entered him in Advanced B thinking that we could have a chance to practice and measure our progress but we would have the entry so that I could move him up if I thought he was ready. Not sure if he’ll get through the honor exercise but at the Rally Drop-in last week I was talked into moving him up to Excellent – so that’s what we’re doing. I’m hoping the dog after us isn’t slow as our stay times are not that long. I feel for the dog that has to honor him — we’re a tad slow.

And these weeks of confinement have made Kona go a little stir-crazy. It was nearly impossible to get this picture of him. Instead of a stay he did his rooster dance where he scratched at the ground in circles. It’s cute but far from picture perfect. I do find it funny though – he was totally covered in grass.


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