Hey There Good Neighbor!

This morning I took CB to the Shiba Inu Club’s Canine Good Neighbor Test. This is the second time we’ve done the test and this morning he PASSED! Where we failed before was with the Supervised Isolation part of the test because he barked once. This time he was a little whiny but not overly stressed and he got his CGN today. To celebrate he got a cookie and a nice walk along the Bow River.  I’ve been playing around with some of the iPhone apps and thought that the Hipstamatic app took some really interesting pics. They really remind me of the Instamatic camera photos I used to take as a little girl, back in the days when we used film. Here are some photos of Mr. Canine Good Neighbor!

I know some folks wouldn’t think this was all that exciting but one the reasons I am so thrilled about the CGN is that I did most of the prep for the test on my own. We’ve done a lot of training so he’s so good at so many things, and when I read through the Exercises on the CKC website I realized we could do a lot of them so I just went for it. But I have to admit I’m also happy about the fact he’s a good well socialized dog despite what so many people have told me about their opinion on toy breed dogs – specifically their thoughts on poms. I find it quite strange but for as many people as there are that love toy dogs and are so excited to come up and meet CB and Kona, there are also those that feel that they are yappy little land sharks. It really is no different than folks having preconceived ideas on the behavior and temperament of a Lab or a Rottie just because of what it is. It really doesn’t matter what the dog is – it matters how you treat and train it.

One of the reasons I like going to dog shows is that a lot of the Judges, ring stewards,  other Obedience and Rally competitors are genuinely excited to see us competing in events. I’ve never had anyone at a trial (or at an agility or rally obedience class) ask me why I thought I needed to train my dog – they’ve just been happy to see him. We do sometimes get a little more attention before a trial than I ‘d like, but that’s what his crate is there for.


2 responses to “Hey There Good Neighbor!

  1. CONGRATS!!! Mister Rogers would be proud … ;o)

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