Sticks and Stones

A photo of Kona from July 2011

In September of last year Kona’s left front leg was broken in an unfortunate accident. A quick lapse in someone elses judgment and we were in a months long ordeal of vet visits and surgeries.

x-ray 09-11

x-ray from September 2011

It was a very bad break – both the radius and ulna were broken and after two surgeries to repair the break, months of rehab, physio, trips to a vet that is not in Calgary (we could not get in with our vet in the city quickly enough) and quite of bit of money, we are finally at the point where the plate that was placed over the break could be removed.

While the plate was in place his foot started to turn out more and more to the side at the pastern – so much to the point that I was a little concerned that the judge at the CKOC trial would think he was lame and not let us participate. We don’t know exactly why that was happening but the current thought is that the plate was interfering with the tendons in some way. We were doing daily exercises at home but it didn’t seem to make much difference.

x-ray from March 2012 - pre-surgery

The plate was very large in comparison to the size of his bones and held in place by 4 screws straddling the fracture.

On Monday Kona had the surgery to remove the plate. The surgery went very well and as can be seen on the x-ray the bones are nice and straight and well healed. So again we are on the same regimen as last fall. His leg is splinted however we have to restrict movement which is resulting in more confinement as we wait for the holes to fill in and before we can begin rehab and physio again. He’ll be splinted for 4-6 weeks but we’ll have to be careful for many months more. Training will have to be on hold for a while but I’m so glad my little pup is okay and hopefully on the mend.


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