Over my head?

I must be crazy, I have just signed CB and I for a Kathy Keats Agility Seminar. Not sure if we’re actually ready for this level of seminar but I guess we shall see. Our agility instructor Shannen said it was a huge opportunity that we could get in so we’re doing it.  Hmm – I kind of had a little plan on focusing on Rally to get CB’s next title but Agility is just so much fun and we’re getting better at it.

Monday’s course was really good. First half of it was pretty good, challenging but well within our abilities. The last half was tricky tricky tricky. Some awkward direction changes and sneaky tunnel entries. A pretty tricky course for starters level students, but Shannen likes to challenge us and by the time we’re ready to trial we should be more than ready. That was the last class out of 8 and we now have a two week break until the next session starts up.

Here’s the course map. We were great on the weaves, teeter but the chute is still not our friend. We also had some trouble entering the tunnel (8) from the correct side.


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