Oh boy – well it was an interesting trial to say the least. It was judged by Larry Tanner and he had two really nice courses for us and there were definitely a few firsts. First time I took two dogs to a trial, first time Kona was in the ring, first leg for his Rally Novice and the first time we’ve (CB and I) have been NQ’d because he peed in the ring. Wah.

Kona did well and had a score of 83 (not bad) and came in third in class. There were 7 dogs entered and 4 qualified. The judge was very nice but pickier than I have seen before. 3 dogs NQ’d so even though the course was pretty easy he was not as generous as some on scoring. We didn’t loose points for tight leash (I’ve worked that – oh yes I have) but for some dumb things. Him lagging behind me on a couple of exercises and a moving into position slowly on the Call Front – there were two, one with a finish right and the other with the finish left halt. It’s funny because Kona is way quicker than CB and we’ve never had that deduction. I won’t quibble with that and if there is one thing I don’t do is argue with a judge. Considering that I was still flustered from CB’s turn in the ring I don’t think we did too bad. These are the best pics I could get of him with his spoils – the ribbon is way bigger than he is.

Kona with his goodies

I did learn something today – make sure I keep track of water intake on Trial day. I didn’t realize it this morning when I filled the water dish for the 3rd time that CB must have drank a half liter. Makes sense in hindsight considering that he had to pee 3 times in less than an hour. Sadly one of them was in the ring — just before the start sign.  Oh well you win some you lose some.


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