3 days to go

to CKOC and I’ve done no Rally work. Eeek! It doesn’t look like I’ll be doing any tonight either as we’ve hardly been home. At least Kona has a class tomorrow night and he’s on-leash so a little bit of a walk before the trial and I’ll have good focus. CB however, nothing since last week.

We’ve been busy with Agility – it’s so much fun and we’re both getting so much better. We had a positive handling seminar on the weekend with Shannen Jorgensen and then class last night. Shannen is really great and has been so much help in getting CB motivated. I’m really shocked at where we are now considering the first class with her we were on-leash and I had to walk him right up to the obstacle for him to take it.

Fingers crossed for Friday and here’s hoping that there’s no Offset Figure 8.


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