Some progress

Last nights Agility class went very well. I have to admit I go back and forth from really enjoying the sport to being really frustrated. I know the frustration comes from the disconnect between hearing the instruction for that days handling exercise and my body not executing it the way I mean to. This is all still pretty new to me and I can really see that CB is unsure of what to do when I’m thinking about the steps I was instructed to do.

Last night was a good turning point. I’m starting to understand the crosses even though I’m still a little clumsy but the most exciting part was that CB took jumps, the A-frame and the hoop from my right side. I did do some practice during the week during walks with CB sending him up, over, onto any obstacle I could find from my right side and it seemed to make a difference. Maybe also just the fact that I noticed it made a difference.

Here is a map I put together of part of the course we did. I removed a few obstacles because I want to focus on the things we did really well and look at a couple of areas that we can work on for next time.

Moving from 1 to 3 – I’m so impressed on how that went. CB is really good at taking tunnels from anywhere and he was really eager to take the jumps without me having to walk him to jump 2.

5 thru 7 –  I picked him at the end of the tunnel and got him over both jumps. We did lose a lot of speed going from 7 to 8 so we need to work on speed over distances.

8 to 10 – I managed to get him from my left to right side (near the **) and up over the A-frame from my right – and with some speed too.  But then we choked at the chute. He won’t go thru if it’s closed so something else that needs work.

12 to 13 – Uh oh, big handler error. He did good with the guides through the weaves but I blew it  heading over to the dog walk. We had some speed coming out of the weaves but my path had us too south of the dog walk and he just followed me and missed it. The red lines show my and CB’s paths. Ooops!

We did finish well and CB even got a case of the zoomies when the run was over. In all the improvement over last week was noticeable. My plan over the next week is to continue to work on sends from my right side.


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