A quick Introduction

Being new to the world of dogs and dog training I wanted a place to be able to put down my thoughts in regards to my dogs and their training. For most people, a Pomeranian is really the last breed of dog someone would think of for competing in agility or any performance event. And I’ve actually had people ask me why I thought I needed to train my dogs and then on the other hand complement me on how well behaved they are (go figure, people are weird).

I was actually interested in a Papillon at first because of wanting to do agility, but ended up with one of the busiest poms out there having fallen in love with a photo on his breeders website. Turns out CB (Firesprite’s Crybaby) is incredibly active and smart, and since I had no clue how to play with a dog I ended up enrolling us in a bunch of training classes so I could learn about dogs and how to train them. He’s 20 months old and we’re now starting to focus exclusively on agility training classes. They are a lot of fun but also really challenging for me. We now also have Kona (Firesprite’s Dark N Bold) who is training in Obedience and Rally and is showing himself to be a sweet little dog who only wants to please.

They are a lot of fun and make life a little more interesting.


2 responses to “A quick Introduction

  1. Great post and welcome to the dog training world! Glad to have you here. Can’t wait to see what posts and feedback you have. I love to see the different opinions of trainers and what works for them. See you around. -Amber

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